Breathwork Journal

I find it helpful to journal after breathwork and especially if I’ve had an elevated experience. 

It helps clarify my thoughts and make the entire experience concrete. 

It’s easy to question and not follow through with a revelation a week later if we don’t write it down. 

It also amazes me when I go back and read past journal entries how I forgot some of the most profound thoughts or emotions I recorded at the time. 

How you keep your journal is entirely up to you. Computer document, a dedicated writing book, random pages of paper, a note on your phone. But this the process I go through to journal my experiences. See how it resonates with you. 

Outline of my journal entry

  • Write the story as simple as possible 
  • Title
  • Themes
  • Feelings
  • Archetypes in your life
  • What would you like to know
  • What growth will this prompt? 
  • Take action
  • Catchline

I like to Tell a Story. Even if the experience as a whole seems random. As you wander about your experience a theme will usually materialize from the fog. Usually. Like any good story there may be multiple storylines that interweave. 

After I have a Theme I like to Give the Experience a Title

Some of my titles are:

  • God Is Funnier Than You Think. 
  • Saying I’m Sorry To People Who Don’t Deserve It, And Some Who Do 
  • The PR People For Heaven Suck
  • Nothing, Not Diamonds, Not Red Neck Skulls, Not Phoenix Tap Water, Nothing Is Harder Than The Truth 

After you have a Theme and a title write the story as simple and clear as possible. Details from the experience should be included. Only include the information you were shown. If your mom shows up note that it was your mom, no back story details that weren’t in the experience.  

After you’ve written the details of the experience how did you feel? There may have been a kaleidoscope of emotions. Write them down as best as you remember them. I almost never write it down in the order it happened on the first pass. 

What do you recognize in this experience that echoes throughout the rest of your life

What would you like to understand about your experience that isn’t clear yet? 

I’ve had experiences where the true impact didn’t snap into focus until 2 years later.

Did you receive insight on how to proceed into the future

How are you going to honor this experience

What are you going to do now

Take Action.

Finally if you were going to give the experience a slogan, catchline, or a billboard what would it be? 

During class you will hear some of the facilitators repeating catch lines; Bring some dignity to it (no dignity was brought during the creation of this catch line), Damage report, Every single time, Push the button, or a Ric Flair scream to each other as reminders. 

Try it out. See how it works for you. Make changes and adapt what you do to make it your own. 

If you found something that works great for you…tell me about it. Maybe I’ll add it to the list.