Setting intentions for breathwork is one of the big differences between meditation and breathwork. An intention is an aim, or purpose, desire, a destination for your life.  
We set intentions because the Vision we have for our life, the greatest life we can imagine living is different from the life we are actually living day to day. 
The first thing we notice between our vision and reality is something painful we don’t want to deal with or the disappointment of unmet expectations. 
The first thought we have is what we don’t want. 
  1. I don’t want to be broke.
  2. I don’t want to work so many hours
  3. I’m tired of being alone 
  4. I want the world to notice me for my greatness
  5. I should be having more fun. 
  6. I don’t want to be afraid. 
This is a good first step. 
If I say don’t hear the trumpet of an elephant. 
The first thing your mind does is pull up the sound of an elephant. 
Not this, isn’t a thing, and not here isn’t a place. 
We have to be specific about our intention. 
The energy that animates your mind and body is eternal and perfect. 
Because of this, we set our intentions as a 
  • Present tense (because you are already perfect)
  • Gratitude (thoughts are like seeds, plant stress and worry you grow stress and worry. Plant gratitude….and more gratitude shows up)
I am grateful I am…..
  1. I am grateful I am abundant 
  2. I am grateful I have so much free time
  3. I am grateful to have so many friends. 
  4. I am grateful for the recognition I receive. 
  5. I am grateful I enjoy my life
  6. I am grateful I am brave and courageous 
In a world of infinite possibilities, we are continually surprised at how things go wrong and how synchronicities show up. 
Because of this, it works better for me to state what I desire. Not how it should show up.
Breathwork connects you to the greatest wisdom available. 
Set your intentions from your heart. It may take a moment of silence and just feeling how your body feels as you review your options. 
Common themes for Intentions
  • Security
  • Freedom
  • Intimacy
  • Achievement 
  • Fun
  • Decisions 
Intentions allow us to let go and enjoy the process and the present moment. And they can give us a bigger perspective and allow us to think about what really matters to you 
If you are still thinking about intentions here are a few more questions you can ask to bring up an intention. These questions can be focused on Mind, Body or Spirit  
  • What matters most to you?
  • What would you like to build, create, or nurture in your life?
  • What would you like to let go of? When you let it go, what will you replace it with?
  • Who would you like to forgive in your life?
  • Where do I feel stuck in my life?
  • How do you feel when you are your happiest self?
  • What makes you proud?
  • What word(s) would you like to align yourself with?
  • What fears would you like to release? What will you replace the fear with? 
  • What are you grateful for?
  • What are your wildest dreams?
  • Visualize how you would like to feel