Every Major Component of an Ideal Life will be Covered in this course.

It will help you prepare for ceremony and then help you integrate everything that you have received from ceremony into your life.


Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to Every Day is Ceremony
Unit 2 The Purpose of Ideal Life for Ceremony
Unit 3 Mindset For This Course
Unit 4 Navigating the FieldWork 
Unit 5 Ayahuasca Overview
Module 2 Preparation
Unit 1 Life Vision
Unit 2 Values - Steering Your Life By True North
Unit 3 Integrity- Living an Authentic Consistent Life
Unit 4 Mindset is the Foundation
Unit 5 Life Purpose
Module 3 Integration
Unit 1 Love-It's All We Need
Unit 2 Shadow Work
Unit 3 Boundaries
Unit 4 Wealth
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