What to expect


  • Wear loose and comfy clothing, especially nothing that restricts the stomach, diaphragm or lungs
  • Avoid heavy meals an hour or two before breathwork. Have a light snack to avoid hunger, maybe a smoothie, tea, fruit, etc. 
  • Be ready for a potentially profound experience.  
  • Loosen up physically. It’s not a workout but physically relaxing and loosening your hips and spine helps. 




Setting your intentions before the session is powerful because it sets the stage for the work to be done. Connecting your mind to your body to set intentions to heal, let go of struggles, be comfortable being vulnerable, willing to express yourself, move outside your daily comfort zone, willing to elevate your consciousness, and put in the work for transformation and growth.

Set at least two intentions. 

  1. Something to give 
  2. Something to receive 

You can set as many intentions as you can remember.

Letting go of a negative can’t be accomplished. “I don’t want to be afraid.” All you will be left with this intention is more fear. 

Set your intentions as present tense positive gratitudes. “I am grateful that I am courageous.”


Help will always be given to those who ask. Maybe you need guidance on how to deal with a difficult situation skillfully. You can receive answers from the infinite for problems, healing, connection, love, or any situation. 



Every Breathwork experience is different. Your experience will depend on your intentions, mood, diet, ability to relax your mind and accept, staying with the breath and breathing through challenges.  

Sometimes it’s very physical and you are vibrating deeply, 

Or it’s emotional and you’re feeling on a deep level, 

Or it’s mental and you’re experiencing deeper recesses of the mind, 

Or it’s meditative and liberating, 

Or it’s spiritual and a greater connection to life/soul/God takes place, and 

Sometimes it’s just challenging.  


Breathwork can be uncomfortable, easy, difficult, blissful, psychedelic or meditative. It can be all of these physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  

Activating the breath allows you to feel deeper. Sometimes there’s an adjustment period to these deeper feelings and can take a little work to activate. But going beyond your comfort zone is where the magic happens and allows you to let go and connect to your infinite self. 

You can have a purifying release through spontaneous crying, shaking, screaming, laughing, making noises, body tensions and movements, yawning, energy releases, psychosomatic releases, etc. The body knows how to heal itself if you simply accept it. By accepting we allow our bodies to activate it’s natural healing capabilities and to reach transcendent states of consciousness. 


Your conscious mind (EGO) wants to protect you and explain everything. It’s a tool for survival.  The healing process and release from trauma and neglect can be painful. The ego doesn’t want you to be in pain. It will try to distract you, telling you this isn’t helping, you need something to eat, take a bathroom break, you aren’t breathing right so quit, or daydreaming. 

If you keep breathing the difficult moment will pass; the moment will be over and you will drop into your feelings. Allowing your body to bring emotions to the surface and process them. You may process and feel a tremendous about of anger that knocks down the barrier to expressing your love.



The first 15 minutes of breathwork will be guided. Then you will guide your own breath journey. About 15 minutes into your self-guided breath you should begin to breathe ORGANICALLY 

Allow your body to breathe the way it wants. Sometimes the patterns change based on what the body desires. If the feeling to breathe a certain way feels right…..as long as it’s not forced or causes too much intensity…then it’s recommended to go with that feeling. Often the music and group energy can help determine the tempo, intensity and organic breath pattern you adopt. 

You can always increase or decrease the intensity of your experience with your breath. If you are feeling overwhelmed relax your breathing and the feelings usually release quickly. 

Usually when you’re ready to quit a break-through is about to happen.

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If you would like to discuss your experience after the journey we have a short sharing circle where everyone is encouraged to participate. Sometimes the depth of feelings can be confusing and talking about them afterwards allows you to integrate it into your life. 


Many times the experience is so profound and emotionally moving we think we will never forget the lesson or how we felt. But several days later the ego is back on patrol and trying to rationalize any needed changes away. 

This is why journaling about your experience is helpful. Your journal isn’t a place for a play by play action report of your journey but the big takeaways, lessons and the actions you need to take in your life. 


Meditation can be a challenging practice. But breathwork and traditional mindfulness mediation work well together. Some people feel a single breathwork journey is equal to 2-3 years of mindfulness meditation practice.


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7:00 – 9:00 PM