One of the comments we hear most often from participants in our Breathwork sessions is how much other people impact their experience. We feel the same way. Your healing is my healing, and my healing is your healing.  

It’s a paradox of breathwork that you can only grow as an individual but that it’s only with the support of the group that we can touch the deepest parts of our soul.  Coming together as a group to share the experience is one of the great joys of breathwork.

It just doesn’t seem as powerful when we do breathwork alone. 

The CDC and the governor have asked us to limit group gatherings to 10 people. We are honoring that request. 

As long as this is the guidance we are given we will continue to hold group breathwork sessions with 10 people or less. 

We are inviting you to join us. 

We don’t normally ask you to reserve a spot. But we are now to make sure we can serve you when you attend. 

You can call or text to 480-779-9245 or email Jake@breath.energy


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