“The most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves.” – Pema Chodron



Following CDC and government advisories for COVID-19 we will be open Monday for class. We will be limiting participation to 10 people to follow advised guidelines.

We will make some adaptations for health concerns:

We are asking you to provide your own mat, pillows and blanket or anything else you might need to be comfortable. 

At the Grocery Store Saturday I saw a fellow shopper in clear distress about the available selection(basically nothing) wearing a “Stay Calm and Carry On” shirt. The irony was amusing. 

Granted it is hard to carry on calmly with zero spaghetti in your life. 

I think the people who are demanding every possible measure be taken in the name of safety are a vocal/visible minority. 

I could be wrong.

My gut feeling is there is a silent majority of people who want to carry on with prudent precautions but not completely ruin their life and stop every activity. 

How are you going to handle this hardship? 

  • Stay Calm and Carry On? 


  • Better safe than sorry.

Both are fine answers and depend on your specific situation.  

This is an invitation to stay calm and carry on type people who feel comfortable coming to the studio and holding or sharing space. 

We will be open for our regular Monday night breathwork session from 7-9pm. This difficult period is the perfect time to practice breathwork for increased serenity, peace and calm. 

If the invitation doesn’t resonate with you and you aren’t comfortable sharing space with others we hope you find a breathing practice at home to maintain your inner peace.  

And when this crisis passes we will be waiting with open arms for your return to breathwork practice. 


It’s just an invitation. We are only allowing 10 people to follow guidelines. You can reserve a spot by text 480-779-9245 or email jake@breath.energy

PS. If you read this far we will give you a roll of toilet paper for your donation when attending. 

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A silent majority of people who want to carry on with prudent precautions


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