How Was Your Breathwork Experience

Every breathwork experience is different. 

Breathwork breaks us out of our day to day patterns and opens up the entire range of emotions that are available.

You might have had an experience that you didn’t realize at the time or didn’t know how to explain it.

This can help.

In a recent class, two people said they had out of body experiences. Another person in the class remarked, “I didn’t even know that was an option.”

The surveys might open your eyes to an experience that could be available.

And it helps us provide you a better experience. 

There are two common experiences to breathwork. We have a different survey for each one. 

The most common experience if this is your first time is of deep Meditation 

Take the Meditations Survey Here: Survey 


The second type of experience is what we call Elevated State Consciousness. Take this survey is you experienced something that was deeper than meditation, such as time dilation, extreme emotions, profound, it was indescribable. 

Take the Elevated State Consciousness Survey Here: Survey 


Thank you for being part of our Online Breathwork Experience. 


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